Magic the Gathering

Magic: Aether Revolt Sealed League

What Happens Here?

Join us for our Tuesday league starting January 31, 2017 . This league is a eight week long sealed event where the player with the highest point total wins.

What is the Format?

The format, for the season, is Sealed Deck. When you join the league your entry fee covers your initial sealed pool. Each week of the league afterwards, players are able to purchase another Booster Pack to add to their sealed pool. Also, if a player loses three games a week they’re allowed to purchase another booster pack to add to their pool. So they can add a total of up to 2 boosters per week, excluding the first week.

Players are required to keep their league decks at the store. This reduces the chance of sealed pool tampering.

What is the Entry Fee?

The entry is $30 and includes 4 Aether Revolt booster packs and 2 Kaladesh booster packs and extra money for the prize pool.

What are the Prizes?

The points will be tallied at the end of the eight weeks and the money pool will be divided up among the top tree performers. First place will receive the most amount of money, second place a smaller portion, and third an even smaller portion. Exact details on this will be provided at a later date.

What do I Need to Bring?

You will need to bring your DCI Number*. You will also need to bring any sleeves, counters and dice you wish to use in the event. We also have dice at the store, which please are free to use.

What is the “Sealed Deck” Format?

The Sealed Deck format allows players to use the Magic booster packs to play games in a tournament setting. Players simply open six booster packs and build a deck from the cards they opened. Guidelines require a minimum deck size of 40 cards and allow players to add as many basic lands (Plains, Islands, Swamps, Mountains, and Forests) to their card pools as they like. If you’re looking for a fun way to increase the size of your Magic collection and play the game at the same time, the Sealed Deck format is for you!